Why do we all fancy vintage stuff? How come it's so heartwarming? Perhaps because being hand-made, it preserves the warmth of human hands. We in Magnetone Techniques are true old tech connaisseurs , implementing it in all our devices. All of them are small batch, hand - made, with careful precision and an eye for detail, all our customers' requests considered.

Our devices


• Device specially designed for vintage sound and gives excellent tone.


• Active high, mid and low frequency correction EQ via high gain tube amplifier with kenotron tube rectifier.

• All mounting has been done manually .

• The filters have vintage Soviet SGM(СГМ) capacitors based on silver and mica.

• Circuit filter has an inductor with manually wound thick copper wire on a powerful ferrite ring that provides a good quality factor (Q). Inductors are fixed with beeswax.



• The amplifier is assembled with 6N3P-EV(6Н3П-ЕВ) tubes of increased durability, lifetime of 5,000 hours, they are New old stock, made in the mid-80s.

As for today, Magnetone Technics produces Magnetec EQP-1AS (Pultec clone), MEQ-5 Magnetec (clone MEQ-5 Pultec) and HLF-3c Magnetec(clone HLF-3c Pultec) 

Magnetec EQP

Tube Equalizer Magnetec EQP-1AS (clone Pultec EOP-1A)

Standard version: ATTEN SEL, LOW, HIGHT are stepped switches, BOOST, ATTEN, BANDWICH are potentiometers. Color is RAL 5001 green blue.

MEQ Magnetec

Tube Equalizer MEQ-5 Magnetec (clone MEQ-5 Pultec)

Standard version: MID, HIGHT are stepped switches, BOOST, ATTEN, are potentiometers. Color is RAL 5001 green blue.

HLF Magnetec

Equalizer HLF-3C Magnetec(clone HLF-3C Pultec)

Standard version: CPS, KCS are stepped switches. Color is RAL 5001 green blue.

Custom - made

You can get your Magnetecs custom-made!  You can change the color of the faceplate or make a mastering version with stepped switches.









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